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Northern/Holy Cross Leagues


Club1 NI Boys 7th-8th Grade Regular Season
February 12th-March 12th, 2023


Club1 NI Boys 3rd-6th Grade Post Season
February 12th-March 5th, 2023


Club1 NI Girls 3rd-8th Grade Regular Season
November 13th-December 18th, 2022


Club1 NI Boys 3rd-6th Grade Pre-Season
November 13th-December 18th, 2022


Club1 NI Girls 3rd-8th Grade Post Season
January 8th-February 5th, 2023


Club1 NI Boys 3rd-6th Grade Regular Season
January 8th-February 5th, 2023


Club1 NI Boys 7th-8th Grade Pre-Season
January 8th-February 5th, 2022

Cancellation Policy

*If games are cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen issues, we will attempt to make games up but there is no guarantee that they will and there will be no refunds.