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Cancellation/Credit Policy

A Week of League Cancelled due to Weather or Other Circumstances

*If games or practices are cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen issues, we will attempt to make games/practices up but there is no guarantee that they will and there will be no refunds.

Cancellation of a League

In the event of the cancellation of a league, Club1 will issue credits for future leagues, off the regular registration fees, depending on the amount of weeks played in the league.

School Leagues

Four Week League-Play 1 Week-$125 Credit, Play 2 Weeks-$75 Credit, Play 3 Weeks-$25 Credit

Five Week League-Play 1 Week $125 Credit, Play 2 Weeks-$100 Credit, Play 3 Weeks-$50 Credit, Play 4 Weeks-$25 Credit


Club1 Leagues

Four Week League-Play 1 Week-$200 Credit, Play 2 Weeks-$125 Credit, Play 3 Weeks-$75 Credit

Five Week League-Play 1 Week-$275 Credit, Play 2 Weeks-$200 Credit, Play 3 Weeks-$125 Credit, Play 4 Weeks-$50 Credit